Dawn's mesmerizing video compilation took the internet by storm in early 2016, quickly attaining viral status on social media and YouTube. The Weather Channel called it "the video we can't stop watching". National Geographic, Mother Nature Network, CNN, and many other media outlets and individuals around the globe shared and appreciated the hypnotic beauty of Lake Superior's ice stacking along the rugged shoreline. See the video at:

INSPIRED BY WILDERNESS: A FOUR SEASON CANOE JOURNEY(Gary Fiedler's 221-day solo canoe trip)

  • "221 Day Canoe Country Solo" by Gary Fiedler; The Boundary Waters Journal, Spring, Summer, & Fall 2015 issues (click at left to read the 3-article series; full issues can be purchased at
  • Photos from this special project can be viewed and purchased on our website at the link to the left.
  • "Northland Man Returns from Seven-Month Trip in the Boundary Waters", Duluth News Tribune, November 1, 2014 (click to read)
  • "Duluth Photographer Completes Four-Season Solo Canoe Trip", Northern Wilds Magazine, December 2014 (click to read) [p. 8]
  • Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) News interview with Tom Weber on the Daily Circuit, aired November 18, 2014 (click to view and listen)
  • WTIP Community Radio (Grand Marais, MN) interview with Dick Swanson, aired November 14, 2014 (click to view and listen)
  • Minnesota Sporting Journal Radio interview with Bret "T-Bone" Amundson, aired November 15, 2014 (click to view and listen)
  • "Duluth Photographer Completes Four-Season Solo Canoe Trip", Northern Wilds Magazine, December 2014 (click to read) [p. 8]
  • GrindTV/Yahoo!Sports photo essay posted December 30, 2014 (click to view)
  • "Seven Months in the Wilderness: Photographer shares memories, photos of 221-day solo trek", Ely Echo newspaper, March 7, 2015.
  • "31 Weeks in the Wild: Canoeist chronicles 221-day journey through the Quetico-Superior, Ely Timberjay newspaper, March 13, 2015.

SMITHSONIAN EXHIBIT (Dawn's "Sunset Paddle" Honored)

  • Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) blog with audio from the live radio interview with Marianne Combs (click to view/listen) 
  • WPRE radio interview
  • Links to articles (click each to view):
    • Courier Press
    • Duluth Pack Blog
  • "42nd Annual Earth Day Gallery Hop", by Northlands News Center, Channel 6, April 21, 2012.
  • "Duluth Man Takes 40 Day Dream Trip, 6,000 Photos", by Sam Cook, Duluth News-Tribune, October 25, 2009.

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