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Are you seeking qualified, experienced photographers or wilderness trippers for a presentation or workshop? Please contact us! In addition to the presentations listed below, we can tailor these and other topics to the level of skill, experience, and interests of your group. Contact us by phone 218.491.3565, or email

Presentation: ​"Winter Photography in the Northwoods" ~ Embrace the frozen landscape and create memorable winter photographs and videos. You will receive various tips to keep you and your gear safe and comfortable in challenging winter conditions. You will also learn how to optimize battery life in cold temperatures, avoid condensation issues, and other helpful tips. While we share many inspirations we have found during nature’s harshest season, we hope to inspire you to explore winter with your camera. (Beginners through advanced photographers welcome.)     Dates TBD.

Presentation: "Photography for Paddlers" ~ Do you wish you could bring the beauty and serenity of the wilderness home with you? Learn how to create meaningful, memorable photographs while immersed in canoe country. We’ll talk “gear” – what to pack, how to protect it, when to use it, and how to manage power. Learn tips to capture the best of your experience: day and night, flora and fauna, under harsh sun or stormy skies. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore with a fresh perspective and find inspiration in nature! (Beginners through advanced photographers welcome.)    Dates TBD.

​​Presentation: "Inspired by Wilderness: A Four Season Solo Canoe Journey" ~ Join us for an engaging presentation about Gary Fiedler’s 221- day solo canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) and Quetico Provincial Park during 2014. Along with stunning photos and videos, Gary and Dawn will share various aspects of the odyssey including planning, gear, and support. See and hear how the journey unfolded through countless challenges and memorable experiences. Learn about post-trip purposeful projects, the benefits of protecting wild places, and participate in Q&A.     Dates TBD.

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